The Management of NUOVA S.M.I. SRL, a company that has been operating since a considerable number of years in the carpentry sector, aware that:

  • customer satisfaction is an indispensable requirement for the competitiveness of the company
  • the continuous improvement of its processes contributes directly to the increase in competitiveness, through the reduction of contract costs and, indirectly, through an improvement in the quality perceived by the customer

decided to make these inspiring principles its own and to strengthen their application by conforming its management system to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 3834

The Management therefore believes that a continuous and constant commitment is indispensable, aiming the full satisfaction of the Customer’s requirements and the mandatory requirements of the sector regulations and has therefore adopted a Quality Management System with this aim.

The Management also believes that the adoption of the quality management system is essential in order to achieve the general objectives of the company, in fact:

  • the growth of the company and its progress in the market, require an adequate organizational structure to “ensure” executive certainty and consistency of behavior;
  • the complexity of the various activities and company’s processes requires an accurate definition and operational uniformity;
  • the company has the will to increase the number of customers nationwide.

The Management undertakes to make available the necessary resources so that its management system is adequate to the reference standard, is kept active and constantly improved. In addition, during the QMS review, carried out annually, the Management undertakes directly to formulate, verify and review (every six months) the objectives at the basis of the Quality Management System.

Finally, the Management solicits the active participation of all those who work in the company, to contribute to this improvement through proposals and suggestions, which will be listened to and evaluated carefully.

In this perspective of staff involvement, it is an essential condition for the continuous improvement of company performance that all staff:

  • apply the provisions of the quality management system,
  • actively participate in training activities,
  • carry out the processes of competence in a critical way and committing to the achievement of the assigned objectives,
  • promptly communicate the problems encountered, following the provisions of the system documentation
  • detects any resource needs and communicates them to the Management.

DATE CAUSE PROCESSING 20.01.2014 Issuing of document DIR