Long experience in the construction of industrial plants and equipment.

Nuova S.m.i. srl is known for its ability to provide “turnkey”, complete food, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants.

Nuova SMI S.r.l. specializes in the construction of works in stainless steels, alloys, carbon steels, low-alloy and high-alloy materials used in the construction of boilers work, carpentry, piping and equipment.
Nuova SMI, within its staff, has more than twenty specialized and qualified welders, guaranteeing the following working methods: TIG welding, electrode welding, hot wire welding and cored wire welding. In compliance with the PED and UNI EN 13445 regulations, the required non-destructive or destructive checks are carried out following each welding work.

Our prefabrication workshops

At its headquarters, Nuova SMI has a modern and equipped, 4000 square meters, workshop where are carried out works in stainless steel and alloys used in the construction of tanks, reactors and condensers.

Just 8 km far away from the main office, Nuova SMI has a second workshop equipped for prefabrication and maintenance of equipment for customers in the Oil & Gas sector. This allows to prevent “steel pollution” and guarantee the customer a high quality standard on the finished product.

Mobile workshops and vehicle fleet

The large and well-stocked fleet of vehicles allows the company to carry out the assembly work independently, minimizing the help of third parties, thus respecting delivery times and applying lower costs for the customer.

Nuova SMI has about 70 vehicles for the transport of staff and equipment and about 50 lifting vehicles including mobile cranes, telescopic handlers, P.L.E. and trolleys.

Nuova SMI has numerous mobile construction sites of 200 square meters provided with all the necessary equipment for the construction and assembly of systems on contract sites.

Together with the workshops, Nuova SMI owns containers for change and toilets.


Nuova S.m.i. srl is specialized and organized to guarantee the ordinary and extraordinary mechanical maintenance and thus allow the continuity of production without any risk of downtime oof the plants.

This service is provided respecting every customer request, ensuring compliance with deadlines, shifts, availability, quality and safety at work.

Plant engineering

Nuova S.m.i. srl is known for its ability to provide,”turnkey”, complete food, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants.

All this is possible thanks to our ability of:

  • creating and processing construction drawings using 2D and 3D software
  • studying and designing pressure and non-pressure equipment
  • construction site management and organization
  • material suppling
  • financial capabilities
  • prefabrication and assembly of industrial metal structures, pipes and equipment
  • coordinating specialist activities
  • assembly of equipment and tools
  • trials and hydraulic tests
  • start up assistance
  • quality and safety


Nuova S.m.i. srl c/o the large and well-equipped workshop located in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi headquarters builds and maintains equipment of all types and materials. Among the items particularly appreciated by customers are storage tanks, reactors, exchangers.

Thanks to the many years of experience of the technical staff, these equipments are studied, designed and built according to the customer’s needs in order to fully satisfy what is requested.